Yashar LaChayal’s Mission

Supporting the brave soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces

Yashar LaChayal brings soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces what they need, when they need it.

Yashar LaChayal is always on the lookout for the best and most effective ways to provide humanitarian support and comfort to our soldiers – whether it be in the nearest city or the far reaches of Israel’s borders. When we discover something missing, we step forward to fill that gap.

Yashar LaChayal’s Mission and History

Since 2006, we have always been there for our soldiers – and we always will.

From its inception during the 2006 Second Lebanon War, Yashar LaChayal has been at the forefront of providing humanitarian support for Israeli soldiers. During the war, a small group of volunteers worked together to purchase, collect and package much-needed toiletries, clothing, and other supplies, and transported them directly to the soldiers on the front. On occasion, the volunteers themselves had to take shelter as rockets and mortars rained down all around them. They drove far north, beyond the last civilian, to deliver supplies to the soldiers who were mobilized hastily and were running low on essentials. These volunteers met army units about to cross the border, and sent additional supplies to soldiers stationed deep in Lebanon.

When the war ended, the volunteers were still aware of soldiers’ needs which could be met by their supporters in Israel and overseas. Yashar LaChayal was duly established as a recognized non-profit organization in Israel and the United States, dedicated to helping Israeli soldiers and making their service more comfortable while they are protecting the Jewish homeland. Since then, Yashar LaChayal has created and maintained a range of projects which provide various forms of support to soldiers from impoverished families, those injured in the line of duty, and bereaved family members of those who fell in Israel’s defense.

Yashar LaChayal is unique in many ways. First, as a result of annual support from a donor family that funds operational costs, regular donations can be devoted in their entirety to the soldiers’ needs. Second, since its inception, strong relationships have developed between the staff of Yashar LaChayal and army officials, enabling us to properly assess the needs of our soldiers and to fulfill them. Finally, Yashar LaChayal (literally, “Straight to the Soldier”) means that our projects and donations benefit the soldiers directly and allow us to frequently remind them that we stand with them and that they have a huge wall of international Jewish support behind them. This sentiment alone is worth as much to the young men and women defending Israel as the material, humanitarian support that we provide them.

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