Who are the Border Patrol?

The Border Patrol Unit (Mishmar Hagvul in Hebrew or Magav for short) is tasked with securing Israel’s borders and assisting the Israel Defense Forces with counterterrorism and law enforcement operations in the West Bank and Jerusalem. The Magav soldiers deal with many complex security situations that may occur in Israel, including Homeland Security, security at demonstrations and high-level security events, policing, preventing violations of public order, responding to terrorist attacks, and more. Unlike the IDF infantry soldiers, Magav soldiers do not go out to war operations and fight in the field; these soldiers are stationed in highly populated regions such as Hebron and Jerusalem where religious tensions run high. They man the entrances to the Holy Sites because they are trained in hand to hand combat and fighting in heavily populated areas, making them the ideal force to keep these important areas safe.

What We Do

The Bereaved Family Fund

The Bereaved Family Fund

For many of Israel’s bereaved families who lost a loved one who was serving in the IDF, the pain of their loss is compounded by the newfound daily struggle to make ends meet. Yashar LaChayal’s goal is to provide social, emotional and financial support to bereaved families through a variety of means, such as college scholarships, financial assistance for life events such as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah, and financial assistance for emotional support to help rebuild following the trauma.

In addition to financial assistance, we also support a unique program for soldiers serving in the IDF who had a parent or sibling who was killed while serving in the Border Patrol. Twice a year we provide a day of food, fun, and programming for this special group of soldiers, giving them a network of friends who they can relate to. These soldiers have bonded and become a second family to one another, and we are so proud to be able to provide these programs for them.


Base Enhancements

Base Enhancements

After enlisting, combat soldiers usually go home twice a month (or less), meaning that their base is their home. Due to the nature of where they serve, Magav bases are often in dangerous areas, meaning that the soldiers cannot leave their base, even for a cigarette or a jog around the block. This means that they are stuck inside of their base, making for very little privacy and a crowded living situation. All of this, coupled with the dangerous and stressful service that they are carrying out, can take a toll on the soldiers who have to be there every day.

In order to make their base feel a little more like a home, a place where they can relax and enjoy themselves, Yashar LaChayal provides enhancements to these bases. Some of our projects have included renovating rec rooms and providing new furniture, televisions, PlayStation, ping pong and foosball tables for their entertainment. We supply new AC/heat units and washing machines wherever needed. We also provide sport and exercise equipment for the soldiers, giving them a positive way to release stress and to care for their health while they are away from home. We renovate kitchenettes on bases to provide a place for food storage and preparation. These are for soldiers who are on guard duty during meals and don’t make it back in time to eat at the cafeteria.


We are always looking for creative ways to give back to our soldiers and ensure that they know how much they are cared for and appreciated

Friends of Mishmar Hagvul

We are staunch supporters of Magav and we take care to provide for the training bases for the Border Patrol as well. Every soldier who enlists to the Border Patrol has to go through these two training bases before they continue on to their postings throughout Israel. Any additional training courses that they may take – commander and officer training, counterterrorism training, riot control, etc – also happens at these two bases. We take pride in being true friends of Magav and make sure to support them anywhere and in any way that we can.

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