THE Yashar LaChayal Hoops for Heroes

Men's 3X3 Basketball Tournament


New Synagogue for The Border Patrol

Our Goal

The funds from The Yashar LaChayal Hoops for Heroes Men’s 3 X 3 Basketball tournament will be used towards a special Yashar LaChayal project for the IDF. The goal is to build a new Synagogue for The Border Patrol that are serving in the Jerusalem area. Our hope is to provide these soldiers on base with a proper place to pray, gather for religious services, and connect with their Judaism.

Every synagogue can be fitted with an Aron Kodesh,  Seating, Bookcases, Bima, Siddurim and Bima Coverings.

It is so important for the soldiers to feel the support of Jews from around the world.

About The Border Patrol

The Border Patrol Unit (Mishmar Hagvul in Hebrew or Magav for short) is tasked with securing Israel’s borders and assisting the Israel Defense Forces with counterterrorism and law enforcement operations in the West Bank and Jerusalem. The Magav soldiers deal with many complex security situations that may occur in Israel, including Homeland Security, security at demonstrations and high-level security events, policing, preventing violations of public order, responding to terrorist attacks, and more. Unlike the IDF infantry soldiers, Magav soldiers do not go out to war operations and fight in the field; these soldiers are stationed in highly populated regions such as Hebron and Jerusalem where religious tensions run high. They man the entrances to the Holy Sites because they are trained in hand to hand combat and fighting in heavily populated areas, making them the ideal force to keep these important areas safe.

We look forward to working together to reach our goal to help build a Synagogue for The Border Patrol!

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