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The hot corner project for our soldiers

Yashar LaChayal has 29 hot corners in different communities around the country with more corners on the way!

Pina Hama is a small place at the entrance to the settlement within the range of the IDF patrols. The corner is full of free food and drink for soldiers serving in combat units in the area.

The Hot Corners project is a great success, so we have plans to continue building more corners!

Why do you need a warm corner?

  • To express support for the brave men and women soldiers who defend the Jewish settlements in remote places.
  • A warm corner in the settlement attracts soldiers to the area and gives residents a greater sense of security.
  • In addition, the food and drink (especially the coffee) that the hot corner offers to the soldiers for free, refresh the soldiers returning to their patrols. Whether it’s soup and hot drinks in the cold winter, or ice cream and soft drinks in the hot summer, the soldiers in the area know they’re always welcome to stop and take the break they so deserve.



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