Yashar LaChayal – Looking Back on 2018

2018 Highlights

In 2018, Yashar LaChayal built two recreation rooms for Border Patrol soldiers serving in Jerusalem and Hebron, and four more for the air force to enjoy!

Our Warm Corner Project expanded drastically, and this Chanukah we hosted candle-lighting parties for soldiers at our Warm Corners.

Hundreds of lone soldiers were given holiday meals, and others had their apartments renovated. We also sponsored driving lessons for soldiers in need.

For recently released soldiers, we provided seminars to prepare them for civilian life.

We were proud to provide winter clothing to soldiers with special needs who volunteer for the army, serving as a major inspiration to us all.

We also continued to support the bereaved families of fallen soldiers , providing holiday meals and grocery assistance, and helping sponsor the Bat Mitzvah of a fallen hero’s daughter. The younger siblings of fallen Border Patrol soldiers attended recreational activities hosted by us.

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The Warm Corner Project

– 5 new Warm Corners (rest stations) bringing us to 14 total
– $50,000 in annual maintenance & supplying the Warm Corners with food and beverages for the soldiers to enjoy
– Thousands of soldiers hosted

The Needy Soldier Fund

– Tens of thousands of dollars in support
– 1,500 holiday food baskets
– 8 new Supply Closets on training bases
– Dozens of soldiers provided with appliances and furniture

The Injured Soldier Fund

– Strengthened our network of representatives offering assistance in hospitals throughout Israel
– 1,000 toiletry kits delivered to hospitalized soldiers

Hoops for Heroes

– Hundreds of soldiers hosted at professional basketball games, including in our VIP box

Base Enhancements

– 7 recreation rooms and gyms were built
– 14 recreation rooms and gyms were improved

The Bereaved Family Fund

– Over 100 families received our holiday food packages

Our Adopted Unit

– $27,000 in assistance was given to the coed combat unit Arayot HaYarden, including: aid for needy / lone soldiers, recreational activities, exercise clothing, etc.

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Yashar LaChayal is a 501c(3) non-profit public charity

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